2014 and now 2015!

Buenas yan Saludu todu hamyo!  Greetings to you all!

2014 has been a great year for me and Ginen Guåhan, working with several other weavers and collaborating with artists of other mediums!  The year panned out with exciting new creations, several shows and the opportunity to be involved in several festivals. Just to name a few of the artists of who I worked with:

Amber Word of Blue Amber Trio (facebook page)

Sandrine of Chamoritta Swimwear (facebook page)

Farm to Table Guam Corp. (facebook page)

and there are many others that I didn’t list, but these are just a handful of the ones.

2015 proves to be another busy busy year as I and every other artist, artisan and craftsperson on the island prepares for the Festival of Pacific Arts 2016 which will be hosted on Guam!  Look forward to that from May 22nd to the 4th of June, 2016!

Another item of interest is the publication of my first book in a series, for weaving!  Keep your eyes peeled for this one, as it should prove to be a valuable resource for those that may not be on island or do not have access to a weaving instructor.

And lastly, for this year, minus all the events, shows and workshops that I will be doing or participating in, the most important event I will be doing this year is my Artist Residency at the Art Haus Solomon Islands in June, 2015.  This residency will allow me to share the Chamorro culture with our brothers and sisters to the south in the Solomon Islands.  I will be spending a few weeks there teaching weaving to the wonderful people to our south.  It is such an honor to be selected among the many talented people who applied and disciplines which were to choose from.


Si Yu’os Må’åse’ for your support over this last year, and I hope to see you around!


-James Bamba

Ginen Guåhan