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Frequently Asked Questions. I put this together so that you can check out some of the frequently asked questions that people ask me. I figured if many people ask me these questions, I should write something up about it, so that people who aren’t keen on asking might be able to find out the information! Si Yu’os Må’åse’ for your continued interest and support!

Who are you, and where have you been?
My name is James Bamba, and I’ve been weaving since 1995.  I left for the military in 1999, but continued weaving even while serving in the USAF.  I would make special efforts to weave when I would return to Guam throughout my military career, and also to teach in the schools.  I recently returned in July of 2013 permanently.  Since my return I have been working extra diligently to educate the local youth on Guam about weaving.  For more information please check out my About Me page located at the top menu bar or click “About Ginen Guåhan” .

How long does it take you to weave?

It really depends on the item in question.  Each one is generally different.  For new items, that I’ve created, it generally takes longer to weave it as I am starting from scratch, designing and doing the math involved in creating an evenly woven, aesthetically pleasing item.  Things I have woven over and over again, such as basic coconut leaf hats, or fans take considerably less time as I have been weaving those since the mid 90s.  One thing is for sure, hågon niyokcoconut leaf weaving is less labor intensive than åkgakpandanus or screw pine, <i>Pandanus tectorius</i> weaving.  But don’t be fooled by an items size, some of the smaller items I weave can take longer than the large items, if the weave is very fine or intricate.