Workin’ hard for headbands!

On August 13, 2014, I was asked by two very close friends of mine if I could weave some headbands for the opening ceremonies at Sågan Kotturan Chamoru – Chamoru Cultural Center. I obliged, and one of them jokingly said, weave 300! I wasn’t too sure about that, but a more reasonable number of 150 was suggested by my other friend. I agreed that 150 was a more realistic and achievable goal haha. So here are a few pics of the evening as it progressed. 😀  Delirium set in as the sun started rising lol. A big thank you to my friend Lori for helping me on a midnight weaving session and Celeste, Ian and Jonathan for assisting with procuring materials.


 The beginnings of a 11 hour weaving session, with an hour break somewhere in the middle. haha  We’re starting at midnight YAY!


 Here we have about 40 or so finished.  It’s still dark!


 Finished the first batch, which was about 75, starting on batch #2…  It’s daylight now.


 Up close pic of the headbands.


Lori and I completed 131 headbands.  Just shy of the 150 mark by 19.  We ran out of coconut leaves, and steam.  Zzzz..


In the end…. I was attacked by headbands!