JFK HS Gupot Chamorro Display

March 21, 2014: I had the opportunity to display and educate the youth on traditional and contemporary weaving at John F. Kennedy High School in Tamuning, Guam during their 2014 Gupot CHamoru festivities. More »

Meeting of the minds.

April 26, 2014: I had the wonderful pleasure of getting to spend several hours working with two fine weavers. Mark Benavente, grandson of Master Weaver, Defunta Tan Elena Benavente, and Jose Cruz, who studied with Def. Tan Elena and specializes in åkgak weaving visited and discussed all things weaving while I had a booth at the GNOSC International Bazaar at Top o the Mar, Maina, Guam. More »

åniyun åkgak

Handwoven pandanus leaf ring. More »

Matatnga - Fearless Latte

June 23, 2012: I had the honor of meeting and spending some time with Joe Guererro at the 9th Annual Dinanña Påå Taotao Tåno CHamoru Dance Competition & Festival, held at the University of Guam Field House. More »

Teaching weaving at the University level!

April 17, 2014: I was given a very humbling opportunity to teach weaving at the University of Guam, to a Chamorro 102 (CM-102) class during the 2014 Spring Semester. There were some exceptional students in that class, but all students did very good! More »

mamamfok åkgak - weaving pandanus leaves

July 9, 2012: Weaving the antigu Chamorro hat, as detailed and illustrated in the publication An Account of the Corvette L’ Uranie’s Sojourn at the Mariana Island, 1819. More »

processing åkgak

February 21, 2014: Preparing green for boiling and drying after harvesting several cuttings of akgak from my ranch. More »


The install seems to be working.

A big Si Yu’os Må’åse’ to Amber from Blue Amber Trio for her assistance in guiding me through the website overhaul.  The overhaul seems to be going pretty smooth and I just have to port a tad bit more information onto this new shell and all should be gef bonitutu.

Si Yu’os Må’åse’ for your continued support!


si James Bamba
Ginen Guåhan

Updating the Ginen Guåhan website!

Stand by to stand by!  I’m currently giving the Ginen Guåhan website a fresh new look, leaving the dated and early 2000’s website behind!  New ideas and concepts to provide my visitors with a user friendly and welcoming experience!


Si Yu’os Må’åse’ for your continued support!


si James

Ginen Guåhan

Chamorro Jewelry Evolving…

I was featured in the Guam Pacific Daily News in an article published on March 26, 2014, titled:  “Chamorro Jewelry Evolving – Homage paid to what was worn long ago” written by Lacee Martinez.  This article actually caught me by surprise as I figured they were going to just show pictures of the jewelry and do little descriptions.  Here’s a photograph of the article that was posted to my Facebook page by a friend!


I enjoyed reading the article however, there was just a couple mistakes that might throw some people off.  The woven rings that were featured, I had made from åkgak or pandanus leaves.  The other portion, was that the Guinahan Chamorro shop was moving to Harmon.  The Guinahan Chamorro shop, which is run by Julie “Jill” Benavente is moving to the Sagan Kotturan Chamoru Cultural Center in Tamuning, heading towards Tumon on Påle’ San Vitores Road just after exiting the loop it will be on your left before the intersection to Hilton Hotel.  You’ll see a large gate:


The center is scheduled to have it’s soft opening on Thursday,  July 31, 2014.  Stay tuned for more details.