Sågan Kotturan Chamoru opening!

Last updated:  13AUG2014 @ 2133hrs CHst

Exciting news!  The Sågan Kotturan Chamoru, or Chamoru Cultural Center will be opening it’s doors to the public, THIS Friday, August 15, 2014!  The Center’s Hours of operation will be Monday through Saturday, 11:00am to 6:00pm.

The center will soon provide various educational and cultural programming for the community that will focus on Chamoru culture and language, and will include instruction and apprenticeship programs in various traditional and contemporary art forms such as weaving, carving, body ornamentation, dancing/chanting and other areas that identify our unique and rich culture.

For more information, please contact me or the center at sagankotturanchamoru@gmail.com


Si Yu’os Må’åse’ mañaina-hu yan mañelu’-hu.




Picture of the front gate:


Si Yu’os Må’åse’


si James Bamba
Åkgak weaving instructor – Sågan Kotturan CHamoru